Bereavement Gift


It is sometimes difficult to know what type of bereavement gift to get someone who has just lost someone close to them.  You wonder if you should even purchase them anything.  Well you arenít alone.  This is a very sensitive time and no one wants to do or say the wrong thing.  A lot of people feel awkward around this subject.  But thatís okay.  We are here to help you decide what if anything you should do or get for the person or family grieving.

It is defiantly a nice gesture to give a sympathy gift but is not necessary.  There is as much appreciation from a thoughtful card with a message of hope and love.  If the deceased and the family were close to you then you may want to send you card with a condolence gift.  Although if you didnít have a close relationship with them, a card will be just fine.  Below are some examples of suitable bereavement gifts:


  • Symbolic piece of jewelry, an example would be a guardian angel

  • Book on mourning and grieving or about faith and hope

  • Journal for writing their thoughts and feelings

  • A stepping stone tribute to those that passed

  • Gift basket or Fruit Basket

  • A figurine in memory of the departed

  • A set of remembrance candles

  • A prayer framed

  • If the departed had something they collected, say teddy bears, you could always give a teddy bear

  • If a child lost her parents, a book about losing their parents.

  • A remembrance cross

  • A framed poem about loss, or  or heaven

  • A CD of encouragement or soft relaxing music

  • A calendar about one day at a time.  Each day has a encouraging quote.

  • A potted plant that they can later plant in their garden.


Of course any of the above gifts are a wonderful idea, but there are many others.  If you are creative or have a talent, put it to use.  Create a one of a kind gift honoring the life of the departed.  Depending on what it is, you may choose to wait a few weeks when the shock of it all has lessened.  You will have to judge that for yourself.

We hope we were of some assistance in making this decision a little easier.  We know how difficult these situations are, but have faith that everyone has what it takes to be there for those left behind.  Do your part by sending condolence messages with poems, phrases, quotes, etc. that will let them know you are thinking of them.



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