Gift Basket Sympathy 

When looking for a gift for someone who has just lost a loved one, a gift basket sympathy style can be a nice way to say you care.  There are many places in which you can have someone else make it and you just purchase it.  It can be delivered or you can deliver it personally with a nice bereavement card that you have prepared with condolence phrases of compassion.   Or you can make a sympathy basket yourself.
If you have never made a gift basket before you may have no idea of where to start.  We will offer some ideas of how to create your own basket to make it a sign of comfort and love.
Knowing what the recipient likes is a good start.  Baskets are usually made with a theme in mind.  Some examples would be fruit, coffee, tea, cheese, snacks, relaxation or gourmet foods.  They can be specialized for a man or woman.  They can contain baked goods or ones favourite food.
You can add some extras in the basket in the way of sympathy gifts.  Memory candles, grieving books, garden stone with a memory or sympathy quote engraved on it.  A “in loving memory” frame or album.  Flowers are also a nice addition to any gift basket.  A wall plaque may also be a nice addition.
Some tips on creating the perfect bereavement gift basket:
  • The use of colour:  Black doesn’t always have to be the choice.  Usually bright colours are stayed away from with these types of baskets but deeper colours such as browns, blues, burgundy and greens are very acceptable and most of all respectful of this difficult time.
  • Consider where you will be taking this basket before filling it.  If you plan on taking it to the funeral parlor you may want to do something more traditional, vs something to do with relaxation.  What message you put on the card should also be considered.  It would make more sense to send a basket with a message of In Loving Memory to the funeral parlor vs a message that is more personal would be more fitted for the home.
  • When filling a basket keep in mind that sending something that may be helpful to the recipient, such as snacks like nuts and dried fruits or crackers and cheese may be more meaningful to them now as they will be having many people come in and out of their home and will feel pressured to offer them something.  This way they can have easy accessible items to offer instead of having to actually prepare something.
  • Add something meaningful to the basket.  This could be a personalized message, a heartfelt book or encouraging poem to help them get through.  This could also be something you have made.  Maybe a scrapbook or a picture you had framed.  Something personalized to the recipient would be a very nice addition to any basket.
  • Don’t forget the Sympathy card.  Whether you purchase a card to send your sympathies or make your own in the way of a letter.  Letting them know you are there for them and that they aren’t alone is something we all need to hear when we have lost someone so special to us.

Hopefully this information we have provided you with has been helpful to you.  We hope now you will feel confident in creating your own sympathy gift baskets.  Or has helped you have a better understanding of what a gift basket for sympathy should entail when deciding that you want in the basket you plan to send to a loved one.


We all just want to send our little piece of comfort.  And we can through many different ways.  But of everything that you can give to someone who is grieving, the most important thing would be to let them know you are thinking of them and that you want nothing more than for their pain to be relieved.  Sending your messages of condolence is one of the most important thing that you can do!



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