I Miss You Poems


I have always found poems to be a nice addition to any card or letter but more specifically I miss you poems can bring a little ease to someone grieving. So weíve complied some poems about missing loved ones for you to browse through.

We Will Be Together Again
I belong to you and you to me,
I hate that we are so far apart.
One day we will be, together again,
And then never separate our heart.
Julie Hebert

You And Me
I miss someone so dear, makes me clear,
Of why I had you in my life.
I toss and turn but really, sometimes really churn,
As to why I had to lose my wife.

You made me happy, so very sappy,
When I think of you and me.
Our life was so fantastic and sometimes a little drastic,
I just wish that you could have stayed with me.

I miss you as youíd miss me, if our roles were exchanged.
But my memories are mine to stay,
And that is something, that I will always be loving,
As my memories make it seem like youíre here today.
Julie Hebert

Missing you
I hate that I now wake up without you,
I hate having an empty bed.
I hope one day soon, I will stop missing you,
And we will tide together with thread.
Julie Hebert



Feel free to use any of these poems in a card or letter along with your condolence phrases and loving sympathies. You may even want to try writing your own by using these poems to give you inspiration and assist you in the way of writing a poem.




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Without You
Today I canít find you,
Iíve finally realize your gone.
I wish I would have stayed asleep,
As now Iím sure youíve past on.

My life without you is different,
Not one I thought I would live.
I always thought youíd be with me,
But now I guess its a give.

So help me to be without you,
Help me to understand why.
Is life without you my future?
I wish I could have said bye.

Iíll be okay without you,
Lots of people have said.
But Iím not so sure I believe them,
Without you is really a misread.
Julie Hebert