Memory Sayings


Are you in need of some memory sayings? When someone leaves us, our memories are what keep us from feeling like we havenít lost them completely. So you may find using memory sayings in a card, letter or gift will be a special touch to your condolence phrases. Weíve compiled some examples for you to review. Feel free to use any of these in your sympathy card.


Our memories are our look back into the past. Keep them close and dear and you will never be alone.

Our memories are what keeps us from feeling like we havenít lost someone forever. They will always be alive in our hearts for as long as we keep them.

Missing someone is very hard, but can be made easier with a brief remembrance of your time together.

Memories are a way of remember great times and great people.

Our memories are a way for us to remember those we miss dearly.

If you feel like you just need to see him/her just one more time, allow your memories to be your gateway.

Our memories will never let us down so long as we never stop looking back.

A person can be gone for quite some time, but your memories can make you feel as if he/she was just there.

Donít let your grief make you feel as if your memories are too painful. They will help pull you through and remind you of how lucky you were to have him/her in your life.

Let your memories be what makes you smile.

Remembering can actually remind you of how lucky you are to have spend the time you did with him/her.


Allow your memories to be a great comfort to you and your family.


Never underestimate the power of a good memory to bring a smile to ones face.


Time away from someone we love makes us very sad, but our memories can bring us close again, even if for only a few moments!


We hope you enjoyed our messages of remembrance. As weíve previously stated, you are free to use any of these if you would like to include them in a card or letter. If we have our memories, we will never feel alone, so lets pass this message on the those who are grieving.



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