Pet Bereavement

Pets are a part of our family, so when one passes it is necessary to send our pet bereavement cards or letters. If you are not a pet owner yourself it may be difficult to understand the bond between a pet and their owner.  But trust me, a pet can mean the equivalent of a friend all the way to the bond shared between a mother and child.  Some people become so attached to their pets, when they pass they feel the same sense of loss as a mother losing her child. 


So it is important not to brush off a pet loss in a friend or family members home and to make sure we send our condolences in some way or another.  Sending a letter of sympathy may be the perfect fit.  If you haven’t written a letter of condolence before, especially one for someone who has lost their pet, you may not know where to start.  Below we have written a sample letter of condolence for the loss of a pet.  You can take this exact message word for word and just fill in the spaces and make the changes necessary to make it more personalized or you can use it as a guide to writing your own condolence letter.  Either way, we hope you will find it useful.


Dear _________________

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet _______________.  He/she was a wonderful dog/cat/________.  I know how hard it was to see him/her suffering.  At least now you can breathe a sense of relief that he/she is not suffering anymore and is in a better place.  I know you would much rather have him/her with you, but at least he/she is happy and not suffering.


Even though you are not with ______________ does not mean he/she is not with you.  “Pets leave footprints in our hearts and memories in our thoughts that last forever. (Julie Hebert) There will always be a spot in your heart for those precious memories.


If there is anything that I can do to help make this difficult time a little easier for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Maybe we could just grab a coffee somewhere and talk or go for a walk around the block.  Whatever it is that I can help with, know that I am here for you.  My phone numbers are _____________.


With loving sympathies,



The most important thing to remember when someone has lost a pet is to console them at the very least, the same way you would if they had lost a friend.  These pets have been a part of their lives for years if not decades.  Whether they thought of them as a friend or a child, they have been a significant part of their lives and deserve to grieve for them with the same amount of respect as any human loss.




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