Remembrance Short Poems


When we are at a time for remembering love ones, remembrance short poems may be something of comfort! The poems on this page were written by Julie Hebert and are all exclusive to this website. We hope you will find them helpful and maybe they will go nicely in a card or letter along with your condolence messages and phrases.


When I Am Gone
When I am gone from this earth,
Know I’ll be in your heart always.
Through time and space, there’ll always be a place,
Where you and I will again walk the hallways.

Our time together may soon pass,
But we will meet again someday.
I’m sure of this, as my presence will still exist,
In you and others everyday.
Julie Hebert


Again Sometime
Here I sit on my couch,
Staring out at the blowing trees.
Its funny how that reminds me,
So much of you with such gentle ease.

When I sit and think of you,
My heart aches every time.
But I know you’re up in heaven,
And will see you again sometime.
Julie Hebert


When Remembering Me
When you remember me,
Make sure a smile will arise.
Don’t think about the way I left,
Thats not very wise.

Think of all the happiness,
That we share together.
We loved to laugh and have great fun,
Especially in the great weather.

So when you remember me,
Think of those great times.
Whenever you remember me,
They’ll bring a sparkle to your eyes.
Julie Hebert


Anger Turns To Love
I hate the fact your gone,
I wanted so much more.
Our time together went so quick,
It seems as if we’re scorn.

I know that our time is on pause,
And one day we’ll meet again.
I just wish we could have had more,
Time in our domain.

But with time my anger will leave,
And all I’ll feel is love.
I know you’re watching over me,
Up in heaven far above.
Julie Hebert


To Me You’re All Around
When I remember you,
I pretend you’re all around.
You are the tree’s above me,
As I sit down on the ground.

You are the clouds that move,
In the sky high above.
Their are many things you may be,
Could you be that flying dove?

I know in my heart your in heaven,
Looking down as I look up.
But I also know you’re all around me,
Which is why you may be that pup.

Wondering if you’re these objects,
Makes me feel as if your still here.
I can’t help to wish you’re still around me,
As you were always so very endear.
Julie Hebert


Until Then
I miss you,
And love you,
I hope to,
Someday see you.

Our time was,
So precious,
So loving,
And breathless.

One day we,
Will meet again,
And comfort,
Will regain.

Until then,
I will remember.
The happiness of,
Our family member.
Julie Hebert


Poems can be a way of releasing emotions or tension out of your life. You may find yourself writing one just like these to express your loss. You may find it helpful. But whether you sit down and write a poem or just find a favourite here too keep close to you, both can be a very helpful resource.




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