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Looking for sympathy card quotes can sometimes be a more difficult task than expected. But it doesnít have to be. We have compiled some information that we hope will make your task easier. Feel free to browse this page and the others below. We hope you will find this information useful and a great addition to any condolence phrases.

Some Quotes for a card or letter:
If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, although it might not seem like it, this is a good thing. If you were not mourning their loss, they wouldnít have touched your life in such a great way. The loss of them, is not good, but the mourning for who they are and were to you, shows you, you are not really mourning, but celebrating them, just wishing they didnít have to leave.

May grief find its way from you quickly so you can focus on your memories. As your memories will be your gateway to the one youíve lost.

The loss of a loved one not something anyone should have to go through. But unfortunately at times we all have to endure things we wish would never happen. We can only hope, our loved one passed quickly and painfully and our grieving will be short.

Trailing times are what we are in store for those who are mourning. But with some time and comfort, those trailing times will turn into happy memories. It just takes some time for our head to clear and our eyes to open so we are able to see we are mourning over someone who brought us much joy.

The thing about grieving, is that we were lucky enough to have such a great person in our lives. And although we wish our journey together hadnít ended, we will rejoice in knowing that when its our time to meet at the pearly gates, they will be waiting happily to greet us.

As another angel has joined in heaven, may you know there is one more person watching out for you up above. And when you feel alone or scared, know their hand is on your shoulder and their always by your side.


These sayings for cards can be used in more ways than just in a card along with your condolence phrases. You may find a use for them in a poem, or a gift. They best way to express your feelings to someone is through your creativity. So be creative and let the quote youíve chosen be your inspiration to create a great and thoughtful gift.

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