Sympathy Gift Etiquette


When purchasing a gift for someone who is grieving, knowing some sympathy gift etiquette can be helpful. No one ever wants to do the wrong thing in these situations, especially if it is something that will upset the griever. We hope that you will find this information on bereavement etiquette helpful and that it will be of great use to you in this situation and in situations that you will face years to follow.


For most situations, knowing if you should send a gift is probably the most asked question. There are so many different instances its hard to know when it is appropriate to send a gift and when it is not.

Most people wonder if it is okay to send a gift instead of flowers. And the answer is of course. Flowers are the traditional choice but not the only one. There are many other ways to honor the deceased or bring comfort to the grieving family than to send flowers. In many cases funeral homes and homes of the grieving are engulfed with so many flowers it can be overwhelming. A little change in pace may be the perfect way for you to show that you care.

If you are not able to attend a funeral service or maybe there wonít be a service at all, do you still send a condolence gift? There is not harm in sending something of comfort to the grieving family. If you were unable to attend, it may be a nice way to remind them that you are thinking of them even though you were not able to be with them. And if there was no service, that does not mean the deceased wonít be honored in some way. Your gift could be something of remembrance to share your honoring of the deceased.

If you are thinking of sending a gift after a funeral has already taken place, that is fine. Most people are still going through the grieving process and your gift may be just that little bit of comfort that will help them through. Donít be afraid to send something late, late is always better than nothing and your thought will be appreciated.

If a family has decided to ask family and friends to make a charitable donation instead of sending flowers, they are not saying that they would not be happy with gifts of comfort and reassurance. They are saying that they would prefer people to spend their money by giving a donation that could help other people instead of on flowers. Sending a gift would be a very nice thought and if you are able, even if it is small, sending a card and making a donation in their name would also be a very nice gesture.

Now sometimes the tricky part will be who do you send the gift too if you didnít know the family, only the deceased or if you didnít know the deceased, but the family, should you send a gift? Whichever if is, a gift is definitely something that will be appreciated. Sending the gift to the closest family member to the deceased would be best etiquette.


Well, these were just some commonly asked questions when it comes to condolence etiquette. We hope they were helpful to you. Donít forget when sending a gift to send a sympathy card with nice phrases of condolence. Cards are a way to independently express your apologies for their loss.



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