Sympathy Gifts


What a nice gesture sympathy gifts can be. Finding or making something symbolic of the deceased or something comforting for those left behind are a very nice touch to any sympathy card. Sending your condolence phrases and messages can be enough, but adding that extra special gift can mean so much!

Knowing what to get someone who is grieving is probably the hardest part. So we’ve written a few articles to hopefully help you answer some questions.

Sympathy gift etiquette is probably the most important of them all. This article will help you make sure you do not offend anyone and that your gift is not only appropriate but also given in an appropriate time and manner. Take a read to get some helpful hints on proper etiquette in these situations.

And then there is the bereavement gift. What to get is probably the hardest decision to make. Of course you want it to be something meaningful and comforting. But more than anything you want it to be treasured. In this article we’ve given you some helpful gift ideas. Read through our list of sympathy gifts and hopefully something will jump out for you. And you will have found the perfect gift to send along with you condolence card.

Other than sending flowers, there is sympathy gift basket ideas that are a very popular idea. They can contain items of comfort to edible snacks and fruits. There are so many different ways and ideas to making a condolence gift basket. We’ve provided you with some helpful suggestions on types of baskets that are suitable to someone who is grieving from a loss of a loved one. We hope these suggestions will help you to create your own or know exactly what to ask for when ordering a basket to be made.

If you are truly at a loss for what to get a friend or loved one, keep in mind that no gift is ever necessary. Sometimes just being there for them, to be someone to lean on, to help clean the house or cook the meals or even walk with dogs is the best gift that anyone can get. Don’t be afraid to just be there and be a source of comfort.




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