Sympathy Poems


In a time of need, youíd be surprised at how sympathy poems can be a source of comfort. They can mean many different things to many different people. They can be used in many different ways as well. In a card along with your condolence phrases and quotes, or as a piece of art to be treasured by those left behind. The following poems were all written by Julie Hebert. Feel free to use them in some way to comfort yourself or someone you know.

Goodbye My Friend
Today I must say goodbye,
To someone I will miss.
I wish things had gone another way,
Our time together was bliss.

Iíll honor and remember you,
From now until Iím gone.
My memories will comfort me,
Until the wake of dawn.

So while you wait upon the clouds,
Know one day we will meet.
And when that day arrives for us,
Itíll be quite sweet.

Weíll reminisce among the clouds,
And talk of greater days.
Until then friend remember me,
One day Iíll find my way.
Julie Hebert

Never Alone
I remember when,
We were kids,
Weíd walk and play,
On the beach.

I still walk the beach,
Since youíve been gone,
But now,
I walk it alone.

I listen real hard,
To the waves and birds,
And sometimes I think,
I heard you.

I look way out,
To the ocean so far,
And I sometimes,
See your face.

Yes you are gone,
And I walk it alone.
But I never feel,
One my own.

I know youíre still with me,
Walking beside me,
So I know,
Iím never alone.
Julie Hebert

Iím Sorry For Your Loss
Today I am sorry to say,
Youíve lost someone you love.
I hope you know how sorry we are,
But remember their in heaven above.

So hold on tight to your faith,
As it will get you through.
Knowing your love is somewhere safe,
Hopefully brings comfort to you.

If there is anything we can do,
To help you through this time.
Be sure to ask us for anything,
As this is something we donít mind.

We hope you know we all love you,
And donít like to see you unhappy.
Itíll take some time, but soon youíll find,
One day again youíll feel happy.
Julie Hebert


I find poems of lost loved ones to be very comforting especially when you find one that relates to what you are going through. I can only hope that one of these poems does that for you. If you are still looking for that perfect poem, try bereavement poems, maybe the poem you are looking for is there.




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